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PJ O'Clair
Stott Pilates
Master Instructor Trainer
“Wendy has been a dedicated student of mine for decades, her commitment to knowledge and education is impressive, she is always striving to be the absolute best. Walking the walk is truly what differentiates one trainer from another. Wendy’s commitment to her own path is what gives her the ability to help others meet individual challenges and achieve their goals. ”
Edward R.
“I realized after one session with Wendy how out of shape I really was, even though I was an active cyclist. Her careful instructions and guidance helped me strengthen my core and improve my overall conditioning. Heavy weights aren’t required to strengthen your entire body. Wendy helped me work around back and knee issues and provided guidance in improving my overall fitness without damage to these areas. What I have achieved through Pilates with Wendy has greatly improved my performance on the bike.”
Dr. Michael Miller
New England Patriots
Chiropractic Physician since 1982
“Having been involved for almost 4 decades in sports medicine and rehabilitation, I have come to meet individuals that I feel encompass the qualifications that produce success in patient care. Wendy Stone is a proven commodity in her field with respect to pilates, yoga and exercise physiology. Her clients and our patients rave about her expertise and the results she achieves for them. She enriches their lives by eliminating pain and allowing them to lead productive lives. She truly is a miracle worker and I would recommend her to everyone wanting to enrich their lives and enjoy exercise and pilates. She receives my 5-star endorsement.”
Ellen A.
“I never loved to exercise, but now I look forward to my two days a week with Wendy! I have chronic neck and back pain, but she has the amazing ability to readjust one’s positioning the slightest bit to take you out of pain to continue with an exercise. Working with Wendy has allowed me to keep exercising and prevent my fitness level from deteriorating and I am beyond thankful for that!”
Mal R.
“I have trained with Wendy for 10+ years (age 53 to 63). During that time, even with injury and illness, she strengthened and got my core, body, and arms in the best shape of my life. With her physical therapy background, expertise in exercise, strength training and nutrition, her boundless energy, sense of humor and her commitment and care to each of her clients, she has mastered the art of training, paying attention to both body and mind. She is the BEST. I can’t say enough.”
Elizabeth J.
“I have practiced Pilates with Wendy Stone for more than 18 years. She and Pilates is central to my well-being and my personal health maintenance, and it continues to strengthen and protect me. Wendy’s assessment of my performance is continuous and the results of my years working with her show in my ability (at age 58) to hike long distances, swim, and bike without fatigue or strain because of my core strength. The psychological benefit of using a “slow and controlled” approach to working-out teaches endurance, mindfulness, and awareness of posture and movement to prevent physical injury. I can’t imagine my life without it.”
Leah M.

“I have been training with Wendy for over 10 years starting with group yoga and Pilates classes. When my weight got out of control after I quit smoking, she was my go-to guru to get me back on track! She offers the perfect blend of calm, encouragement and toughness that I need to meet my fitness goals. I look and feel better at 50 than I did at 35 – thank you Miss Wendy!”

Kelly C.

“As a chiropractor, I have worked with Wendy both professionally and personally. Wendy has extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the human body, making her Pilates classes incredibly effective for overall strengthening, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Sharing many patients over the last four years, Wendy’s approach to health and wellness has been a great compliment to my treatment plans. With her knowledge, experience, and integrative approach, I would highly recommend Wendy for anyone looking to gain or maintain a high level of health and happiness.”

Stephanie S.
“I started going to Wendy almost 12 years ago at the suggestion of my daughter; I had just ended treatment for breast cancer, having gone through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and she thought it would be good for my body and mind. During that unfortunate stage of my life, I gained over 15 pounds and lost muscle mass and upper body strength. Wendy is different than anyone else, at the onset she assessed my body’s initial inabilities and then altered positions that allowed me to gradually increase my strength and stamina without injury, all while teaching me how to breathe correctly. Not only did Wendy help me get physically and mentally stronger, I was hooked! And, over the years, Wendy has become someone I admire, look up to and love, and I cherish all that she’s done for me.”

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