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Our team of talented, certified trainers is the heart and soul of our studio. They are not only experts in the art of Pilates but also passionate about guiding you on your unique path to strength, flexibility, and inner balance. With a deep commitment to your fitness goals and personal growth, our trainers create a supportive and nurturing environment where every client feels valued and empowered.

We invite you to explore the exceptional experience that awaits you at The Pilates Firm. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a healthier lifestyle or an experienced practitioner looking to refine your technique, we’re here to inspire and guide you on your journey to a healthier, happier you. Discover more about our philosophy, our studio, and the exceptional team that makes it all possible as you delve deeper into what sets The Pilates Firm apart.

Your wellness journey starts here. Welcome to a place where strength, serenity, and vitality are within your reach.


Jen Glazer Stott Pilates Instructor

Jen Glazer


Jen, a dedicated Pilates enthusiast, embarked on her journey in 2007 when she fell in love with the practice during a free class. Her Pilates journey has since been a transformative experience. Pilates has not only empowered her to connect with her core effectively, master intelligent strength training, and embrace exercise, but it has also shaped her role as an instructor. In 2007, she obtained her certification through Stott Pilates, a contemporary training method, establishing a strong foundation for her expertise. Beyond Pilates, Jen brings a unique dimension to her practice as a certified Postural Alignment Specialist through Egoscue.

Wendy Stone Pilates Trainer

Dana Lindley


Dana, a seasoned professional in the world of Pilates, has a rich and diverse background. With 14 years of ownership experience at her own Pilates studio in Utah, she has honed her expertise and dedication to the practice. Dana obtained her Pilates certification in 2002 through the contemporary training of The Physical Mind Institute. In 2018, she expanded her skill set by becoming a certified yoga instructor and a certified health coach.


Wendy Stone Pilates Trainer

Olivia Campbell


Olivia’s journey with Pilates began in 2013, and it’s been a transformative experience for her. Pilates has not only helped Olivia alleviate chronic pain from sports injuries but also brought mental and emotional well-being. As a certified instructor, her expertise lies in empowering clients to find the perfect balance between strength and mobility to pursue their fitness goals. Olivia earned her certification through ID Pilates, specializing in the Balanced Body Training curriculum, a contemporary training method. Olivia is dedicated to helping her clients unlock their potential through Pilates.

Jen Glazer Stott Pilates Instructor

Michelle Johnson


Michelle embarked on her Pilates journey in 2016, splitting her time between two studios in Ft Worth, Texas: The Pilates Center and The Pilates Concept. Introduced to Pilates by a fellow Dental Hygienist, she found relief from chronic neck pain and tingling hands, which had plagued her for nearly three decades. In just three months of regular practice, her symptoms vanished, allowing her to continue her dentistry career. Michelle’s passion for Pilates grew, leading her to pursue teacher training with The Pilates Center specializing in the contemporary BASI training curriculum. Michelle is Stott Mat Certified and CP equipment certified.

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