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Step into The Pilates Firm, a distinguished boutique Pilates studio, perfectly situated in the Park Shore area of Naples, Florida, right on Rt 41. Wendy Stone , with her extensive experience from the leading studios of Boston, established this haven for Pilates enthusiasts. Since 2018, The Pilates Firm has been setting the gold standard for authentic Pilates training in Naples, FL.

Training Expertise Tailored For You

At The Pilates Firm, our instructors embody the pinnacle of professional training. Holding the highest levels of Pilates certifications, complemented by an array of relevant fitness qualifications, they bring a wealth of knowledge to each session. Explore our Instructor Bio pages to delve deeper into the expertise behind our guidance. From athletes and weekend warriors to individuals aiming for improved mobility and strength, or those seeking relief from persistent aches, our training is meticulously crafted for you. Whatever your goals, our team stands ready to empower, guide, and educate you on your fitness journey in Naples, Florida.

State-of-the-Art Pilates Apparatus

Our studio boasts the latest Merrithew Pilates equipment. From V2 Max reformers with Towers, Split-pedal Chairs, Ladder Barrels, Arc barrels, to the Cadillac, and a diverse range of props, we’re equipped to modify or intensify each movement as per your needs.

Exclusivity in Private Pilates Sessions

Our expertise shines in our private Pilates sessions in Naples, FL. Individual training allows the progress, pace, form and alignment to dictate the lesson plan. If you have a current or past injury, joint replacement, back pain or other special circumstance, each lesson is tailored to your specific needs.

While individual sessions are our hallmark, duo and trio training options are available for those wishing to share the experience.

Virtual Pilates Training

If you live in Naples full-time or only part of the year, you don’t have to stop training with The Pilates Firm. Our virtual Pilates training is here to help, especially for those who are away from Naples sometimes. So, even if you’re traveling or away for a bit, you can still train and feel connected. Our virtual training brings the studio experience right to you, wherever you are.
Pilates Firm of Naples Florida

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3357 Tamiami Trail N
Naples, FL 34103

We Are Hiring!

Looking to make a change in your current work situation or to relocate/winter in beautiful Naples Florida?

The Pilates Firm is seeking motivated, qualified trainers to join our team! We offer generous compensation and private training rooms with brand new Merrithew equipment.

Interested? Email Wendy your resume