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Strength • Stability • Function

Strength • Stability • Function

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Wendy Stone

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After more than 25 years of delivering specialized private instruction in Pilates, yoga and other physical conditioning to clients in greater Boston, Massachusetts, Wendy Stone now offers her expertise to exclusive clients in the Naples, Florida area. Wendy’s expertise is backed by university education in exercise physiology and physical therapy, multiple certifications, and extensive training with world-renowned Pilates and yoga masters, including P.J. O’Clair, Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, and Richard Lanza. Her education and experience allow her to recognize and distinguish physical dysfunction and limitations in individuals, which helps her tailor programs geared toward improving each client’s daily function by increasing postural strength, flexibility, balance, neuromuscular coordination, and a mindful understanding of how to improve daily functional patterns. Wendy also offers limited-basis, specialized training and coaching geared towards boosting athletic performance in specific sports, such as tennis or golf. Whether functional or sport-related, all of Wendy’s clients benefit from top-level, holistic conditioning in ways that are noticed in every aspect of one’s daily life.

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