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Naples Pilates Client Reviews

PJ O’Clair
Stott Pilates
Master Instructor Trainer
“Wendy has been a dedicated student of mine for decades, her commitment to knowledge and education is impressive, she is always striving to be the absolute best. Walking the walk is truly what differentiates one trainer from another. Wendy’s commitment to her own path is what gives her the ability to help others meet individual challenges and achieve their goals. ”
Dr. Michael Miller
New England Patriots
Chiropractic Physician since 1982
“Having been involved for almost 4 decades in sports medicine and rehabilitation, I have come to meet individuals that I feel encompass the qualifications that produce success in patient care. Wendy Stone is a proven commodity in her field with respect to pilates, yoga and exercise physiology. Her clients and our patients rave about her expertise and the results she achieves for them. She enriches their lives by eliminating pain and allowing them to lead productive lives. She truly is a miracle worker and I would recommend her to everyone wanting to enrich their lives and enjoy exercise and pilates. She receives my 5-star endorsement.”
Jack M.

“We are a couple in our seventies and have been working with Wendy at Pilates Firm since she opened here in 2018.  We have been taking Pilates for the past fifteen years with other instructors both here and in Asheville.  Wendy’s knowledge, experience and demeanor combine to put her at the top of her profession.  The studio has recently moved next door to larger and more comfortable space with new high-end equipment. We are always greeted with a smile and positive attitude which sets the tone for the entire session.  We believe that Pilates has been a major factor in our good health and are so pleased to have Pilates Firm in Naples as a part of our semi-weekly routine.”

Kelly C.

“As a chiropractor, I have worked with Wendy both professionally and personally. Wendy has extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the human body, making her Pilates classes incredibly effective for overall strengthening, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Sharing many patients over the last four years, Wendy’s approach to health and wellness has been a great compliment to my treatment plans. With her knowledge, experience, and integrative approach, I would highly recommend Wendy for anyone looking to gain or maintain a high level of health and happiness.”

Stephanie S.
“I started going to Wendy almost 12 years ago at the suggestion of my daughter; I had just ended treatment for breast cancer, having gone through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and she thought it would be good for my body and mind. During that unfortunate stage of my life, I gained over 15 pounds and lost muscle mass and upper body strength. Wendy is different than anyone else, at the onset she assessed my body’s initial inabilities and then altered positions that allowed me to gradually increase my strength and stamina without injury, all while teaching me how to breathe correctly. Not only did Wendy help me get physically and mentally stronger, I was hooked! And, over the years, Wendy has become someone I admire, look up to and love, and I cherish all that she’s done for me.”
Ken S.

“I’ve been taking duet Pilates classes from Wendy 2-3 times per week for the past 3 years, split almost evenly between on-site sessions in Naples and virtual video sessions. First off, as a regular exercise devotee, I firmly believe that Pilates is the most beneficial exercise routine that I have ever practiced. Wendy does a great job of understanding what your fitness objectives are and designing programs specifically tailored to you.

In my case, I’m a 65 year old retiree focused on maintaining my strength, strengthening my core and enhancing my flexibility, with the ultimate goal of improving my golf game. Since starting Pilates, my golf index has dropped to near single digits, my distance off the tee is in the 88th percentile based on Garmin Stats, and I’m hitting it past virtually all of my peers. Wendy gets much of the credit.

She is a terrific instructor, an enlightened entrepreneur and an even better person.  I can’t wait to get back to Naples and reconnect in person. “

Kim G.

I am a 57 year old woman who enjoys an active lifestyle. I don’t sit still easily. A little over a year ago I herniated a disc and through imaging I found out I have severe spinal stenosis as well. I spent the better part of 6 months trying physical therapy, Chiropractic, epidural shots and pain meds, all to no avail. I found Wendy and Pilates Firm online after searching for PT related pilates in Naples FL, and truly feel as though she was the miracle I needed. 

At first I left every session wondering how 45 mins of tiny little movements was doing anything. But slowly I started realizing I was not in constant excruciating pain doing everyday activities like bending down to tie a shoe or pick something up. Getting in and out of a car was horrible. Wendy knew exactly what I needed to wake up and strengthen my core and  on the days that I felt like a lost cause she always said the right thing to get me out of my pity party. She is very encouraging and exceptionally knowledgeable beyond most medical professionals I have consulted. Today I enjoy many activities I thought I would never be able to do again. Finding Wendy was by chance, but a true miracle for me!

Joel M.

I have struggled with back pain playing golf for years and decided to give Wendy and the Pilates Firm a try. I could not recommend her more! I quickly noticed improvement in my core strength and I am now playing golf pain free. I am also enjoying better flexibility. Thank you Wendy and the Pilates Firm!!!!!

Shannon H.

I started at the Pilates Firm hoping to gain some strength back after a few injuries. I found that and so much more . Wendy was exceptional in her instruction because of her understanding of how the body moves. She incorporated her physical therapy background into Pilates which made the benefits of our time more effective and promoted healing. The entire team at The Pilates is professional, inspirational, and great at what they do! Whether you seek strength, flexibility, improved posture, better balance, or simply greater health, The Pilates Firm will deliver individualized workouts to reach your goals. I can not make a stronger recommendation for Wendy and her team!

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